Gene Reese

I'm really bad at this sort of thing, so I put my experience and history into an AI and asked it to write a bio for me - I think it has a crush on me:

With a dynamic career spanning over two decades, Gene brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the makerspace. His journey in technology began 23 years ago in systems administration, mastering both Linux and Windows environments. This foundational expertise is complemented by an extensive programming background with experience in both compiled and interpreted languages. While Python is his preferred programming language, he also has proficiencies in C++, LUA, PERL, Ruby, and BASH.

In the realm of web development, he has designed and developed custom Django-based websites, integrating sophisticated database-backed CRM systems and merchant processing functionalities. His innovative spirit extends to merging these digital platforms with custom-made machinery to produce tangible products, showcasing a unique blend of virtual and physical creation skills.

Gene's expertise in CAD and CAM, especially in Fusion 360, is backed by 10 years of experience. He possesses a deep understanding of CNC milling, 3D printing, and other modern manufacturing techniques while leveraging generative design and FEM analysis to speed development and production. His technical acumen also includes low-level operating system knowledge, evidenced by the development of custom backup/restore software and pioneering multi-threaded file-encryption systems for large-scale filesystems.

A serial entrepreneur, he successfully built and operated one of the world's leading temporary tattoo companies from the ground up. Currently, he is at the forefront of battery technology, owning a company that is set to become one of the first commercial providers of LTO battery modules. This venture underscores their deep familiarity with energy storage and discharge technologies, particularly in lithium and other battery systems.

At the core of Gene's diverse skill set is a passion for microcontroller programming and development, enabling him to devise custom integrated circuit solutions for a multitude of challenges.

In the makerspace, he looks forward to contributing his knowledge to a variety of projects, with a special focus on electronics. He is excited to lead microcontroller classes; integrating modern technology into traditional concepts, and to further explore the realms of robotics and automation.

Digital painting of my late cat
Digital art of a butterfly
Landscape sketch
Painting for a friend that lost their parents
Coaster for a friend expecting his first child - walnut and maple with laser-etched aluminum insert
Inlaid cutting board for my parents
CNC 3D relief carving for a business sign
Restroom sign using inlaid plastic on cedar
Prototype artistic chair
Topographical relief carving of Texas (CNC)
Digital sculpting test
Carving of the digital sculpting test on some scrap
A flat-pack design for a paper roll holder - CNC cut
Prototyping some French cleat designs - CNC cut
Automated paper coater / cutter built for a previous business of mine
Automated fluid dispenser system prototype
Playing with an induction coil
Prototype for a survival laptop
Early battery case design
Battery cell and BMS testing - utter chaos
More recent case prototypes

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