fabric-textiles, prototyping, wood-working
The latest Generation 5 BOSS LS-3655 offers a 14.5% larger engraving area compared to standard 48x36" platforms.

metal-work, prototyping
Offers a 5x10 foot bed area coupled with a Hypertherm 65 plasma rig for easy cutting up to 3/8 inch plate thickness and the ability to cut thicker sheets as well as stainless and aluminum with proper setup. The Super B uses servo drives combined with ground linear bearings and linear belt drives resulting in control and smooth operation.

prototyping, wood-working
A CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router is a digital fabrication tool used for both prototyping and full production. It can cut, carve, machine and mill wood, MDF, plastics, foams, aluminum and many composites.

A 16x12 inch laser cutter capable of etching and cutting many materials in precise patterns

Machines and basic gear for sewing and working with fabric

Multiple 3D printers with large build platforms and high resolution

Desktop computers with modeling and design software

Ventilated bays for soldering and electronics assemby

Table Saw, Miter Saw, Band Saw and other standard woodworking gear

Welding gear and associated cutting and grinding equipment