FAQs for Instructors

Why should I become a teacher at Make Santa Fe?
You are giving people the ability to make. You would teach people how to safely and effectively use tools. You’re helping your community, having fun and making some money doing something you already love to do.

Can I set my own class schedule?
The short answer is maybe. We will work with you to find times that don’t conflict with other classes or scheduled member time. We can also offer input as to what has worked well in the past.

How much could I make?
Make pays its instructors a modest fee based on the type of class offered.  Typically around $140 (this may change without notice). Once we’ve determined the course we’ll discuss the structure with you.

Would I have help advertising my classes?
Yes. We often sell out classes given enough lead time (3 months is ideal). We do publicity for all our classes and reach most students through our website or email newsletters. Instructors who reach out to their network often fill classes quickly.

We’re teaching sometimes dangerous processes. As an instructor, is my liability protected?
Our waivers and insurance indemnify your actions, so long as you are not acting in gross negligence. Make Santa Fe has general liability insurance insuring ‘natural born persons acting as instructors or consultants.’