About Make Santa Fe

MAKE Santa Fe is a 501(c)3 non-profit community workspace where people can access tools, resources and workshops in order to make, repair, invent or create anything they can dream.

It’s like a gym, but with powerful tools instead of exercise equipment and skilled craftspeople instead of personal trainers. We invite you to join us and exercise your creativity.


Santa Fe has always been driven by creativity. We are home to some of the most original artists, craftspeople, industrialists, scientists, and writers in the world. The City Different is among the top-ranked US metropolitan areas in its concentration of fine artists, visual artists, animators, art directors, architects, and authors.

Moreover, the presence of world-class scientific institutions has endowed the area with top minds working on the frontiers of the digital age in both industry and science.

Many of our residents are barely a generation removed from creative ingenuity as a daily practice to thrive on one’s own resources. This “big tent” creative class has been a key driving force throughout Santa Fe’s history, and it holds remarkable promise for the city’s future.

MAKE Santa Fe’s the goal is to catalyze this creative class by providing an easy means through which collaborative creativity in art, craft, industry, and science can occur.  MAKE Santa Fe is, in part, motivated by the emerging maker movement that leverages digital technologies to remake manufacturing and job skills while simultaneously reconnecting us to our roots in creative problem solving.

Today’s makers take advantage of technological and cultural shifts that have removed the industrial age barriers along the value chain, allowing an individual or small group of innovators to design, prototype, manufacture, and distribute their creative output on very short timescales. 

We welcome casual users while emphasizing the potential to use skills and equipment to start or grow an independent business.  We operate a little bit like a traditional business incubator, but we’re much more organic and the peer experience is more immersive. MAKE Santa Fe creates an environment where people who may have been challenged by traditional educational or professional models are able to thrive.