All badge's cover tool set up, operation and adjustment. Safety and best practices specific to MAKE’s tools will also be covered.

Advanced Laser Cutting
Just think of the things you could make with an advanced laser cutting badge! We're talkin' everything from laser engraved wood objects to fully formed product prototypes. With this badge you'll have full access to the complete capabilities of our Boss LS-3655 laser cutter. 

Beginning 3d Printing
You'll learn about and gain access to all of our 3d printers - LulzBot Taz 6, MakerBot Replicator 2, Prusa i3 mk2, XYZ Printing DaVinci Mini, LulzBot Mini, GEEETECH Prusa i3. 

Beginning Blacksmithing
Fire, molten metal, and your favorite BFH! What could go wrong? Blacksmithing is the art of creating objects from raw steel or iron using tools to bend, cut, and shape.

Beginning Laser Cutting
Epilog Zing - 30 watt CO2 laser engraver. Perfect for everything from home use to starting a business. Features include: High speed stepper motors, made in the USA, visible dot pointer, air assist curtain, high power exhaust fan, and movable home position.

Beginning Lathe
Wood turn is a fun and versatile way of accomplishing difficult shapes. Tables legs, bowls, spindles, tops, baseball bats, knobs and many other 'round' objects can be made on the lathe.

Beginning Sewing
Did you find the perfect pair of pants only to find they are a little long? Have a small tear in your favorite Christmas sweater? Want to surprise your grandma with a quilt only she could love? Well, this badge is for you!

Metal shop / MIG Welding Badge
This badge provides access to all of the necessary equipment and tools for welding. Embark on the exciting journey of creating with metal. Get hands-on training on the many tools required for cutting, bending, shaping, grinding, drilling, and welding steel in the MAKE metal shop.

MIG Welding
MIG welding, or metal inert gas arc welding is a process in which an electric arc bind two pieces of metal together. MIG welding is a quick and relatively easy welding process that is used to build everything from coat hangers to cars.

Shaper Origin Badge
With the Shaper Origin badge your able to take your wood work into the 21st century! The Shaper Origin combines computer-guided accuracy with hand-held familiarity. This tool is basically a CNC router, but handheld. Inlay's, furniture, joints, basically anything a router can do and anything a CNC touter can do.