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MAKE Santa Fe gives our community access to tools and resources that help turn ideas into reality. Without community support, this space would not be possible. When you give to MAKE you support artists, makers, students, engineers, craftsmen, tinkerers, and all the amazing creative people in the Santa Fe community. If you’d like to donate tools or equipment get in touch and let us know what you’ve got.


Our priority for contributions and donations is to provide subsidized memberships to individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford to have access to Make Santa Fe. Beyond that, we’re continually updating our curriculum to offer classes in maker/manufacturing specialties so that we can help empower the next generation of skilled labor and creative entrepreneurs. Additional funds are allocated toward tool acquisition and maintenance and keeping costs as low as possible for those who use the makerspace.


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Currently seeking donations of:

  • Three (2018 or newer) Mac computers that work (iMac, MacBook, Mac mini) – we can wipe data
  • large metal cabinets w shelves
  • glass display case, prefer a taller more vertical style
  • good slop sink for Metalshop
  • full-length mirror for sewing room
  • functional rolling office/task chair
  • 2 medium size whiteboards & markers
  • video projector & large pull-down screen/s
  • office desk w drawers, not too heavy
  • AC/DC TIG welder
  • useable lumber, wood/metalshop tools & equipment
  • Sunsails

    Contact about possible donations BEFORE drop-off
    thank you!