Basic Operation of MIG Welder

To set up the machine

  1. Plug in the power cord with the on/off switch in the off position. 
  2. Connect the ground cable to the metal to be welded or to the welding table.
  3. Place the gun handle in a neutral position (not grounding or on work). 
  4. Set the power switch in the on position.
  5. Open argon/co2 tank valve completely open, then turn back 1/2 turn. Set the flow regulator for 18-20 cubic feet per hour by adjusting the knob on the flow meter/regulator. Be careful not to contact the wire as it feeds out of the mig gun, as the wire will be live.)
  6. Set the wire speed and voltage (according to thickness of wire) by adjusting the control knobs to the recommended settings (see wire speed/voltage guide on welder).
  7. Trim the extra wire from the tip of the mig gun.

The machine is now ready to operate.

Basic Operation

  1. Hold the tip of the gun approximately 3/16” from the metal joint to be welded with the wire touching the metal.
  2. Depress the trigger and wire will feed to the metal and the arc will start.
  3. Holding the tip a steady distance from the weld (when the distance is correct the weld should make a sizzling sound) move the gun in the direction of the weld slowly. The molten metal puddle should form a solidification ridge 3/8th inch behind the electrode. If the puddle is larger you are going too slow, if the puddle is shorter you are going too fast.

To shut down the machine

  1. Detach the ground cable from the work or table and coil it neatly on the welder’s hangers
  2. Turn the valve on the argon/co2 tank completely off. Squeeze the trigger on the mig gun until the gas flow meter reads 0
  3. Set the wire feed and voltage knobs at minimum.
  4. Turn off the power on the machine
  5. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  6. Loosely coil the mig gun lead loosely over the machine or hanger, do not tightly coil the lead as this will kink and damage the mig gun lead.

Clean the shop!!