Maker Highlight: Mitchell Gustin

A teacher and lifelong maker, Mitchell has his creative roots in community. Mitchell is a mindful maker that focuses on education and collaboration when making. 

Starting with a program at NYU called IMPACT, Mitchell made everything from costumes to props for a variety of mediums such as live performance and video. This flexibility carries over not only into his craft but also his teaching Montessori where he always considers their guidelines for materials and founding principles.

In learning about his craft the consistent theme of community rang true in every aspect of his work. The support provided by being a member at MAKE has been invaluable to Mitchell’s craft. The addition of having access to a variety of tools in a single location has opened a whole new world of opportunities in creating for himself and for his students. 

You’ll find Mitchell in either the wood shop or most often on the Zing laser. He also creates wind chimes which we’re hoping to see at MAKE in the future!