Make Santa Fe has received a $5,000 sponsorship from the Santa Fe Office of Economic Development.

Santa Fe, NM December 6, 2024 – Make Santa Fe received a $5,000 sponsorship from the Office of Economic Development to support a new high-school student mentorship program. As part of the Make Santa Fe mentoring program, students will explore 3D printing, CNC Milling, Laser Cutting, Welding, Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Sewing, Electronics and Programming, and more. Each student will be encouraged to bring their own ideas and projects. They will be provided with free time to work and explore their ideas. 

Johanna Nelson, the Director of the Office of Economic Development, said, “MAKE is about empowering our community to build and innovate. We’re grateful for the programming MAKE provides to create opportunities for youth and our residents to develop skills and opportunities!”

“Enabling students to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills outside of school can have an incredible impact on their futures. We’re excited to open our facility,  equipment, and expertise to these students and cannot wait to see the projects they dive into.” Executive Director Johnson said.

Make Santa Fe hosts several disciplines, including laser cutting, 3d printing, welding, CNC plasma cutting, CNC milling, woodworking, ceramics, sewing, blacksmithing, bronze casting, and more. They provide classes in each discipline, and members can use the facility whenever they’d like.

Make Santa Fe will publish program details on its website at High-school students will be encouraged to apply early as the program has limited capacity.

High School Student Mentorship Program Application

Dear Parents

While we know you love your child, and wish the best for them, please do not fill out this form on their behalf. We want to hear from potential students directly. Thank you.

Dear Student

Please take the time to consider these answers as they will be used to create your experience at Make Santa Fe. Higher quality answers means a higher quality mentorship. Thank you.

Mentorship Application

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