Make Santa Fe 2023 Annual Report

Mission Statement

MAKE Santa Fe is a 501(c)3 non-profit community workspace where people can access tools, resources, and workshops to make, repair, invent or create anything they can dream.

Impact Highlights

Some Statistics

All of this data is as of Jan 16, 2024.


  • Volunteers: 29
  • Student/Educator: 14
  • Team Membership: 8 (Families and businesses)
  • Total: 145 members


  • Badge Classes: 681 attendees (+- some because of attendance)
  • Workshops: 81 attendees

Space Use

We accommodated over 1,100 tool reservations in 2023; 381 were for the Boss Laser Cutter.

Financial Information: 

Contributed Income (13.5% of total income)

Earned Income (86.5% of total income)


  • Facilities: Space upkeep, including rent, utilities, building maintenance, tool repair, and new tool acquisition. 
  • Education: Instructor pay and development. 
  • Professional: Advertising, website maintenance, travel. 
  • Payroll: Staff pay.
  • Administration: Office expenses, accounting, taxes, and payment processor fees.

Program Descriptions:


The “All Access Maker Membership” at Make Santa Fe is designed for a wide range of creative individuals, including artists, makers, engineers, hobbyists, educators, and more. This membership offers several benefits, such as access to shops and equipment during regular business hours, the ability to reserve shops and equipment, access to member meetings and events, and inclusion in the member listing directory. Memberships are available on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Membership costs are subsidized by fundraising and earned income. Current memberships cover just under 40% of the total annual costs. 

Volunteer Program

The Make Santa Fe volunteer program is designed to offer an alternative to paying for a membership. Memberships can be gained for free through our volunteer program, which requires 12 hours of volunteer time per month. Volunteers complete projects that benefit the Make community and help upkeep and clean the space. Some recent volunteer projects include:

  • Extending the outdoor shade structure (Welding, fabrication, metalwork)
  • Building organization containers for various shops (laser cutting, woodwork)
  • Upgrading electrical systems for various tools (electrical, wiring)
  • Helping to invent new kiln controllers for our small kilns (prototyping, electrical, small circuits, programming)

Badge Classes and Workshops

Badge classes and workshops comprise most of our educational programs and are designed to onboard makers into the disciplines at Make Santa Fe. We offer badge classes in all of our permanent disciplines: 

  • 3D Printing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Casting & Mold Making|Casting & Mold Making
  • Ceramics
  • CNC Plasma
  • CNC Router
  • Electronics and Circuits
  • Laser Cutting
  • Metal Lathe and Mill
  • Metal Shop
  • Sewing
  • Software & Design|Software & Design
  • Wood Lathe
  • Woodshop

Workshop classes are in subjects we do not have permanent space for, or technique classes that build upon the skills taught in the badge classes. Some recent workshops include:

  • Monoprint making
  • Bookbinding
  • Mead making
  • Knot typing
  • Brazing

Advanced Long-form Classes

Introduced at the start of 2024, our advanced long-form classes are designed to build skills in the various shops at Make Santa Fe. Our first long-form class, “Fundamentals of CNC with the ShopBot, ” will teach students how to use our 4×8 CNC router to craft complex objects. These classes will utilize more than one discipline and are a deep dive into fabrication and crafting at Make. 

Youth Programs

In 2024, we’re launching a high school student mentorship program designed to introduce students to the disciplines at Make Santa Fe. This program will host 6 high-school students, each with an opportunity to experience 6 different industrial arts over 6 weeks. 

Service Contracts

Make Santa Fe has assembled a facility ideal for complex fabrication. As a result, various organizations often ask us to complete their fabrication projects. So, in 2023, we decided to create a program that enables us to say yes to these offers. To maintain a functional working environment for members and continue to pursue our mission, we decided to work only with mission-driven organizations with similar goals. Some recent service contracts include:

  • Set construction for Santa Fe Playhouse. 
  • Signage construction for Commonweal Conservancy
  • Laser engraving for the Museum of New Mexico Foundation