Intermediate Welding

Topics cover in class

  • Guts of machine & parts, wire size, gasses
  • Troubleshoot machine issues
  • Overheat, spatter
  • Show variety: Helmet & functions, gloves, sleeves, jackets, equipment
  • To weld dissimilar thicknesses (set machine to thick material and focus most of heat
  • there)

What is MIG Welding (GMAW)?

MIG= Metal Inert Gas, GMAW= Gas Metal Arc Welding

MIG welding, which stands for Metal Inert Gas welding, is a type of arc welding process used to join metal workpieces together. It is one of the most commonly used welding techniques in various industries and is known for its versatility, ease of use, and efficiency.

5 Basic Types of Weld joints and tips for successfully welding them:

Welding positions and when to use them

  • Flat (1)
  • Horizontal (2)
  • Vertical (3)
  • Overhead (4)

Travel angle: Push vs Pull welding
Try for yourself these techniques and see what you prefer. For most applications
I find that it doesn’t matter, except for vertical welds which tend to be difficult
and pushing the top down works best. this article, and this article discuss push/

Work Angle

  • Distance from material: usually 3/16” often more in tight angles as nozzle won’t fit
  • Speed of travel – experiment & check weld penetration (backside of metal)
  • Weave/oscillation/zigzag/“C” shape
  • Try “drawing” weld w pencil on paper to practice travel angle, speed, & weave: get to
    know how it feels in your body

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