24-Hour Access and Project Storage!

Official announcement incoming!

We’ve just launched locker storagebin storageSpaceMakers, and 24-hour access! Each of these will become available on January 1st, but you can sign up today! 

Available to MAKE Santa Fe members, we hope these add-ons enable makers to dream bigger and spend more time creating.

24-Hour Access!!

MAKE Santa Fe members can now sign up to access MAKE Santa Fe 365.2422 days a year!

Are you a late-night maker or a morning person? Would you like access to MAKE on Mondays and Tuesdays? Do you want to spread out and blast some music in a creative space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then 24-hour access is your jam. Gain entry to MAKE Santa Fe with your smartphone, an access card, or a key fob anytime.

*Members must have at least two badges to qualify for 24-hour access.

The Space Maker

The SpaceMaker is a 4’x6′ mixed-use rentable space inside MAKE Santa Fe.

Looking for space to keep a WIP (work in progress)? Maybe you need to keep personal tools on hand? Maybe a simple workstation suits your fancy? Or maybe you’re looking to host an art opening or create a small-scale art installation? Whatever you dream, and as long as it fits, you can do it inside the SpaceMaker 4’x6′ rectangle.

Locker or Bin Storage

These two storage options are the answer to simple storage at MAKE Santa Fe. Whether you’re looking to keep a few small tools on hand or want quick access to your PPE, lockers, and storage bins are perfect. MAKE Santa Fe members can rent one or more to keep tools, materials, PPE, or anything else.

Coming Soon!

Transporting materials and projects back and forth can be a pain, so in the next few months, we’ll be offering more storage options to our members, including:

  • Outside Pallet Storage
  • Sheet Goods Storage
  • Steel Storage