MAKE Santa Fe has officially moved into Extraordinary Structures!

MAKE Santa Fe is excited to announce that we have officially integrated into the Extraordinary Structures location where we have access to new equipment and more space including an outdoor area. As a community-driven nonprofit organization, we are grateful to all of the volunteers who made our new space feel like home!

As a thank you for your support and patience during this transition, all current members will receive an additional month on their membership term, as well as free certification courses including “refresher” courses for all of our equipment.


Updates will be sent as they develop and please follow us on Facebook to stay well-informed as our new story unfolds. Below is important information regarding the move. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email Thank you again for your patience during this transition and look out for future events to celebrate this development of the MAKE Santa Fe community!

MAKE Move Timeline:

Tuesday January 17 – MAKE officially closes to begin move
Wednesday January 18 – Need for volunteers to help with move (12pm-5pm)
Sunday January 22 – Need for volunteers to help with move (12pm-5pm)
Wednesday January 25 – MAKE reopens at new location for members

Newsletter Announcement:
Exciting news, Makers! MAKE Santa Fe is growing and expanding, and as part of this development, we are reopening at a new location with more space and access to new equipment.

2879 All Trades Road

On January 17, 2017, as Meow Wolf closes to begin new renovation projects, MAKE Santa Fe will be making our move to a new venue, minutes away from our previous one. We will be located at 2879 All Trades Road (off of Siler). This new location will feature the following benefits:

  • Potential for expanded hours
  • Larger CNC router with automatic tool changer
  • 5’ x 10’ CNC plasma cutter
  • ShopTask mill/ lathe/ drill
  • Centralized dust collection
  • Centralized air
  • Lifting and loading equipment
  • Increased outdoor space
  • Jib crane
  • Higher quality wood working facility

Our goal is to reopen on January 25 and be fully operational in the new space. As at Meow Wolf, we will be sharing some equipment and space with another entity. Extraordinary Structures is an advanced manufacturing company emphasizing panelized and modular construction for tiny houses and small structures. This is a smaller company than Meow Wolf and will be more compatible with the daily schedule of an active maker space. We will be able to expand hours and equipment access for members, especially as our outstanding team of volunteers and stewards grow.

Members will receive an additional month on their membership term as compensation for any inconvenience. We will also be offering current members free certification courses and refresher courses for all of our equipment.

If you would like to help with the move alongside our stellar team of volunteers and staff or if you have questions or concerns, please contact at your convenience. We want to have as little downtime as possible and we want to make sure that the new manifestation of MAKE Santa Fe works well for your projects and meets your needs as a member. We are a community-driven organization, and it is thanks to members like you that exciting growth opportunities like this are possible.

We look forward to reopening and introducing you to our new space. Updates will be sent as they develop and please follow us on Facebook to stay well informed as our new story unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is MAKE Santa Fe moving?

MeowWolf provided MAKE an amazing launch pad, and now we’ve outgrown the space and need room to expand. The new location provides more space, extended hours for members and access to new equipment!

How far away from the current location is MAKE Santa Fe moving?

We’re moving just down the road, about a mile away to 2879 All Trades Rd!

How can I help?

We are asking for volunteers to help make our new space feel like home! Please email if you are available on Wednesday January 18 or Sunday January 22 to volunteer between 12pm-5pm.

Will all of the same equipment be in the new space?

With the exception of the larger Epilog laser (which is being replaced), YES! All of the old equipment will be there with some powerful new additions including a larger CNC router with automatic tool changer, a plasma cutter, an expanded wood shop and more!

When will the larger Epilog laser be replaced?

We’re looking into a variety of options, but there should be a replacement by Spring time. If you have more questions feel free to reach out!

Will I need to get re-certified on the machines?

If it’s the same machine that you’ve used in the MAKE space in the past, then no. All members will need to be certified on the new machines.

Will it cost me money to get certified on the new machines?

We are currently offering existing members access to certification courses on all machines free-of-charge as a thank you for your patience during this transition period.

Are all the membership rates still the same?

Yes, our rates will not be changing at this time.

What about classes and the calendar of events?

Part of our focus in this new space is arranging a new and improved curriculum with many added courses. Classes will be available starting the date we reopen.