Become Maker/Teacher in Residence

MAKE Santa Fe is looking for is the 2018 Maker/Teacher in Residence to lead its Fall 2018 Pre-Apprentice program.

The Maker/Teacher in Residence works with our staff to workshop and ultimately co-create a curriculum that aids in training non-traditional students digital and analog making, creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, as well as professional and practical job training. Basic parameters are in place for this pre-apprenticeship program, but ultimately there is latitude for creativity and input on the part of the Resident.

The Resident oversees the day-to-day instruction of this 12-week program, with ancillary support of staff, other teachers, and community members. This role includes providing daily oversight of our pre-apprentices and includes: instruction in a formal classroom setting, through hands-on demonstrations of techniques/skills either digitally or analog, attending field trips offsite to broaden students’ perspective, and working with other teachers in-house to offer more in depth trainings.

Candidates for this position may come from many backgrounds, and as the nature of this Residency requires wearing many hats--interdisciplinary life experience is highly regarded. Those working with non-traditional young adult students, in the arts, engineering, within makerspaces, social work, digital manufacturing, etc. are all great examples.


  • Experience with advanced manufacturing (3-D printing, laser cutting, CNC)
  • Software knowledge (Fusion 360, Adobe Suite, etc.)
  • 2-years teaching experience in a maker environment

This is a part-time, 12-15 week commitment, starting in September. This may be a contracted temporary position, but it is a chance to make a lasting impact to some Santa Fe youth!

Please email a resume and cover letter outlining how your experience in life and career has made you qualified for this position.
Email all application materials to

5:00 pm, Tuesday August 21, 2018