Wood Box Xylophone


Materials Fee $15

November 14th from 2:00pm – 6:00pm

An introduction to simple wooden box making using basic tools in the wood shop. We’ll learn about proper milling, cutting, and glueing. This project also offers opportunity to get creative! Students will learn proper clamping and glue technique, wood finishing and how to plan materials for a simple project. This box-xylophone makes a great Christmas gift!

What you’ll learn:

This is a beginner where students can earn their woodshop badge, or for those looking to add to their skillset.  This workshop covers basic project planning, thickness planing, table saw technique, simple joinery, and jig-saw control. We’ll also cover very basic wood finishing using wood oils. 

Please note:

Workshop attendees will need to be properly outfitted to attend this course. This includes: closed toed shoes, a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and a way to secure long hair. Safety equipment including protective glasses and hearing protection are provided by MAKE Santa Fe.

About the Instructor:

James has been a maker and woodworker for as long as he can remember. As a child he would sneak into his dad’s cabinet shop to steal wood scraps. He’d glue together these scraps of wood to make “planes”, “horses”, and other object inspired abstract arts. James has managed woodworking and metals shops for a number of theatrical organizations. In these shops he learned multi material building techniques, faux finishes, and fine carpentry and welding. He now practices woodworking as a hobby.

*** All attendees must wear face masks and adhere to MAKE’s cleaning protocols. Thank you for your cooperation!

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