Wood Bowl Turning


Materials Fee $5

November 13th from 12:30pm – 4:00pm

This course will transition you from the skills of making spindles supported on opposite ends of the workpiece to making bowls, vases and other structures where the turning takes place on one end of the workpiece.  You will learn turning speeds as they relate to the sizes of the work, turning methods, how to size raw material for turning on the lathe, tool rest and tool position, mounting methods, and of course, how to avoid making firewood from failed projects.  We will also discuss tool and machine maintenance so everyone can use the lathe safely and repetitively.  This is an introductory course to bowl making and because of class size and time, everyone will work a little on the same project, just to get used to techniques and methods.  Afterwards, you will be able to reserve the machine for creating your own projects.

Please Note:

The Beginning Wood Lathe Badge is a prerequisite for this class. Workshop attendees will need to be properly outfitted to attend this course. This includes: closed toed shoes, no loose clothing or accessories, and hair tied back. Safety equipment including protective glasses and hearing protection are provided, however, you’re welcome to bring your own as well.

About the Instructor:
Barry Kane is a retired geophysicist and lawyer who over the years was exposed to uncountable innovations. During his free time over the last 35 years, Barry has been working with wood and other materials, creating and building cabinetry and furniture ranging from modern to classical. His favorite and most striking works have been done in the Prairie style.

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