Rotary Laser Holiday Ornaments


Materials Fee $5

December 18th from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Combining our Boss LS-3655 laser cutter with a rotary attachment allows for engraving on curved surfaces. In this special holiday course, you will learn how to laser etch onto ornaments!

What you’ll learn:
In this certification workshop attendees will learn how to set up a rotary attachment, testing your setup, attaching the piece to be cut/engraved, and file management to achieve awesome results on all things round.

Please note:
Completing the Boss Laser Badge is required prior to attending this Rotary Laser Badge course. This class focuses solely on the rotary attachment. 
Similar to the Laser cutting workshops this class does not include file preparation or design elements necessary prior to using the laser cutter. MAKE does offer a course specific to file creation and preparation called File Prep for Laser Cutting offered monthly.

About the instructor:
Jasmine Quinsier is a passionate professional maker professionally and in her free time. She’s defining and breaking the boundaries at the intersection between the drawn image and its digital counterpart. 
As part of our laser training team Jasmine overflows with positive energy and a true passion for creating using one’s hands, software, design, and laser cutting technology.

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