Knots: Decorative Mug Handles


Materials Fee $5

December 17th 12:00pm – 2:30pm

What you’ll learn:

An introduction to sailor’s “Marlinespike Seamanship” decorative knot-tying – which combines both form and function.  Students will learn several covering-knot techniques and patterns like Cockscombing, French Hitching, and the Turks Head.  Personalize a mug as holiday gift, the handle feels great in the hand and looks even better as it weathers through use and dishwashing.
Bring some mugs or jugs with ears.  All other materials provided!
About the instructor:
Christy Georg is an Artist / Adventurer.  She has worked as a deckhand aboard sailing schooners, thru-hiked the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail and 500 mile Colorado trail, and cruised the Arctic.   Endurance and achievement drive underlying themes in her work.  She has her BFA and MFA in sculpture and brings a 20-year career with dozens of awards and rich fabrication experience to MAKE.

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