Kitchen Cosmetology: Scents Workshop


Materials Fee $15

August 25th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm 

Open your vistas and create something uniquely yours. This class will likely expose you to a whole new world of one of your strongest senses – your sense of smell. We will experiment with over a hundred of different Essential Oils (EOs) and Fragrance Oils (FOs) to create your exclusive scent.

The psychological effects of scent when using cosmetics, such as a moisturizer, are an impactful part of the experience. An enjoyable scent just makes you feel good yet most people have never actually taken the time to decipher which scent resonates most for them.

What you’ll Learn:

Combine fragrances from various fragrance families starting with high, middle and base notes as a basis to create your unique scent. From our extensive inventory of EOs and FOs, the possible combinations are in the millions.

If you want to explore existing combinations, we can do that, in spades. Are you a Game of Thrones enthusiast? How about Dragon Milk scent? You will make a premium moisturizer and lotion using your proprietary scent combination in this workshop.

Please Note: 
No experience is necessary for this workshop and all materials will be provided. Weather permitting we anticipate hosting this workshop outside. Please be prepared with sunscreen and or a hat if you’re sensitive to the sun.

As always, we will have all the makings for recipes that we use in our Kitchen Cosmetology series, so you can use your newfound skills in scent enhancing to make other recipes the you learn if you take any Kitchen Cosmetology workshops at MAKE.

About the Instructor:
Michael Makoid has created multiple businesses, studied Judo, started a dive shop, and is a published Ph.D just to name a few of his extensive accomplishments.

In addition to being a Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Creighton university he is also the author of over 75 original research publications and textbooks on pharmaceutical subjects and teaching.

Needless to say if you don’t find value in his workshops you’re not paying attention. The price of admission alone is worth spending an afternoon with this fountain of knowledge we’re fortunate to have in our community.


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