Japanese Joinery Workshop


Materials Fee $15

July 20th from 12:30 – 7pm

Join us for a special workshop sans adhesives or modern hardware using traditional joinery where the journey of a thousand steps starts with the most simple one, creating your own tool box by hand.

Learn 5000+ year old techniques with hand tools via demonstration and real time practice to help you form an understanding of the fundamentals of wood joinery in a very precise way.

What you’ll Learn:

  • Measuring and Cutting Tenons
  • Measuring and Cutting Mortises
  • Proper use of a Japanese Pull Saw, Chisels, and mallet

Please Note:

  • Some of these tools are very sharp
  • This practice is very precise: “measure twice, cut once”
  • Ask questions…
  • Patience and concentration is required
  • You should already be comfortable working with your hands or learn quickly in a craft environment for this workshop

About the Instructor:

Jess Gantos grew up around builders and makers but it was when she built her own tiny home out of a bus that her lifestyle as a maker really took off.

Landing a gig learning wood working in the desert took her practice to the next level. Jess has been practicing joinery and making with wood by hand specifically for the last few years in Santa Fe and is one of our most prolific makers.

Talented with her hands, a bundle of energy, and a candid creator you will leave her classes with a wealth of knowledge and a smile on your face.

Additional resources:
Joint Venture YouTube Channel – this workshop prepares you to go down the joinery rabbit hole as demonstrated by this fantastic resource.
The Art of Japanese Joinery by Kiyoshi Seike – Recommended reading for anyone looking to pursue a deeper knowledge of Japanese Joinery

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