Recycled Glass Casting Workshop


June 29th & 30th from 3pm – 5pm

Smash that glass! Start with your own bottles or some of our pre-smashed stash. In this two day workshop you’ll see what it takes to turn waste into wall decoration by making your own recycled glass tile. No experience with glasswork necessary!

Participants are encouraged to bring 2 matching bottles to recycle into their own tile.

What You’ll Learn:
Basics of glass as a medium for creation
Glass Annealing: understanding heating and cooling temps and how glass will likely react
Casting crushed glass into a pre-made mold to be kiln fired
Finishing your piece with grinding and sanding

Please Note:
Safety glasses & gloves required. MAKE will provide safety equipment but if you have personal preferences (glove size/material) please bring your own.

Mandatory: Closed toed shoes and shop appropriate attire. Weather permitting, the workshop will be hosted outside. Please prepare for sun exposure accordingly.

About the Instructor:
You’ll find the song of nature in much of Cia Thorne’s work. Organic shapes that mimic the patterns of the earth are the arias in her symphony of glass. With over 30 years practicing in her preferred medium, she combines traditional glasswork and creativity to reinvent the architecture of glass work.

Cia has invested countless hours collaborating with other artists and creating her own work. Her lifetime practice has been mastering the wonderfully spontaneous yet tangible energy snapshot that is liquid glass art.
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