Gas & ARC Welding Badge


Materials Fee $5

June 5th from 3:00pm – 7:00pm

This is an introduction to the first two types of welding mild steel: Oxy-acetylene (Gas) and electric Shielded Metal ARC (stick) welding.  You’ll get an overview of the invention/innovations of welding through history, shop safety, and an introduction to gas welding and ARC welding. We’ll focus on welding form and techniques while making a scrap-steel sculpture.  There are advantages to the myriad welding types and you’ll expand your skills, capacity, and flexibility as a maker by understanding them all- plus, it’s fun!

What you’ll learn:

  • Tool safety and shop cleanliness
  • Abrasive chopsaw use to cut stock
  • Fundamentals of different welding types and history behind them
  • Advantages of each welding type; how to choose type
  • Different types of joints, positions and symbols used throughout welding technology
  • Oxy-acetylene rig setup and basic gas welding
  • ARC welding and machine setup on two machines (DC mild steel)
  • Filler rod and electrode selection and use
  • Weld inspection to discern welding type and troubleshooting to correct bad welds

Please note:

  • No prior metal working experience is needed to participate.
  • “Metalshop and MIG Welding Badge” workshop is a requirement for usage of the metal shop by members at MAKE Santa Fe; we suggest taking both classes.
  • Proper attire is mandatory: closed toed leather boots, long cotton or natural fiber shirt and pants (NO SYNTHETIC FIBERS). Long hair must be tied back.
  • Safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection are required and will be provided by MAKE but bring your own if you have them! Bandanna or hat recommended.

About the Instructor:

Christy Georg is an Artist / Adventurer.  She has worked as a deckhand aboard sailing schooners, thru-hiked the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail and 500 mile Colorado trail, and cruised the Arctic.   Endurance and achievement drive underlying themes in her work.  She has her BFA and MFA in sculpture and brings a 20-year career with dozens of awards and rich fabrication experience to MAKE.

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