File Prep for Laser Cutting


March 20th from 6 – 8 pm

Do you have questions on which programs to use for the Laser Cutter? Do you want to know how to set up your files and how to properly save them? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

Maybe you have a program at home you are using and want to know if you can open your files here at MAKE? Learn some trade secrets while your at it.

What you’ll learn:

This class will go over programs and file saving structure to help you optimize for your projects here at MAKE. We will also cover starting out right with drawings, photographs and other sources. You’ll also learn:

  • Basic scanning skills
  • Basic quick skills for photoshop and illustrator
  • What are some of the free vector programs out there
  • Problem solving troubles that can come up with files
  • Saving files for the machines at MAKE
  • Vector vs. Rastor/Bitmap
  • What you need to know about cutting vs engraving with the Laser machine
  • Where to download vectors
  • A little blurb about legal use of imagery
  • How to convert a photograph for the best engraving

Please note:

There are no pre-requisites for this course. This will focus on the design elements of a file for laser cutting. If you’re looking to learn how to operate a laser cutter check out Laser Cutter – Beginner or Intermediate courses.

About the instructor:

Jasmine Quinsier is a passionate maker professionally and in her free time. She’s defining and breaking the boundaries at the intersection between the drawn image and its digital counterpart.

As part of our laser training team Jasmine overflows with positive energy and a true passion for creating using one’s hands, software, design