Boss Laser Badge


Materials Fee $5

January 15th from 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Are you trained on our 30 watt Epilogue Zing already? It may be time to step it up to the 150 watt Boss LS-3655 laser cutter. Featuring a significantly larger bed and the improved capability of cutting up to ½” thick material in a single pass the Boss laser is a cutter’s dream.

What you’ll learn:
In this badge workshop attendees will learn the  properly configuring the laser cutter, choosing the correct materials for the tool, and general safety guidelines when using a laser.

Please note:
This class does not include file preparation or design elements necessary prior to using the laser cutter. MAKE does offer a course specific to file creation and preparation called File Preparation for Laser Cutting. 

About the instructor:
Jasmine Quinsier is a passionate maker professionally and in her free time. She’s defining and breaking the boundaries at the intersection between the drawn image and its digital counterpart.

As part of our laser training team Jasmine overflows with positive energy and a true passion for creating using one’s hands, software, design, and laser cutting technology.