Arduino: Controlling Addressable LED’s


Materials Fee$12

April 21st from 2pm – 4:30pm

In this class we’ll show you how to program a 16-pixel grid of color-changing LEDs (WS2812B / Neopixels), with the Arduino platform.

Using the included class materials, we’ll start by assembling an LED box from parts. This will be accompanied by an explanation of soldering techniques, strain relief for wiring, and light diffusion.

We’ll then learn how to install the Arduino software and the FastLED library on our computers. We’ll configure the software to talk to different Arduino boards, and load several color changing patterns. At the end of the class, you’ll have your very own pocket-sized glowing LED jewel, to take home and play with!

What you’ll learn:

– Introduction to addressable LEDs and Arduino platform
– Demonstration of soldering and fabrication techniques
– Installation of Arduino IDE and FastLED software on personal computers
– Explanation of Arduino pins and signal flow (power / ground / data)
– Learning how to customize and load LED control scripts onto the Arduino Pro Micro


NOTE: Students are encouraged to bring their laptops from home and install the Arduino software and the FastLED library.

Instal Guides:

(Don’t stress, there will be time at the beginning of class where the teacher can assist you with this step)

About the instructor:

Lighting creates environments – it is the backdrop for everything that happens in a space. Jeff Matson has been creating light art for over a decade – starting with video projection, then expanding into the world of programmable lighting and LEDs. Over that time he worked with a broad range of controllers (Trinket, Gemma, Teensy, Pro Micro, Nano, PixelPusher, FadeCandy, PixelBlaze), made plenty of mistakes, and learned a ton. Eventually, he realized that he had gained enough knowledge to start sharing it. His goal with this class is to help demystify the process of working with LEDs, so others can have as much fun with it as he does.


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