Advanced Glass Casting Workshop


Materials Fee$25

3 day workshop
August 28th from 12pm to 1:30 – Mold Making – come back 5:30 – 6:30 pm Mold finishing
August 31st – 12pm – 3pm – Glass Smashing and Kiln Work
September 2nd from 5pm – 8pm at August Muth’s studio

After our 1st glass casting workshop we had tremendous feedback that participants wanted to complete the entire process. You asked, we listened. This 3 day workshop will go even deeper into the casting process by offering up insight and education every step of the way.

Cia Thorne covers the entire process of casting glass from making a mold, smashing up glass to be used to create your piece, and finally cold finishing your work into a final product.

What You’ll Learn:
Mold making
Basics of glass as a medium for creation
Glass Annealing: understanding heating and cooling temps and how glass will likely react
Casting crushed glass into a pre-made mold to be kiln fired
Finishing your piece with grinding and sanding

Please Note:
Safety glasses & gloves required. MAKE will provide safety equipment but if you have personal preferences (glove size/material) please bring your own.

Mandatory: Closed toed shoes and shop appropriate attire. Weather permitting, the workshop will be hosted outside. Please prepare for sun exposure accordingly.

About the Instructor:
Cia Thorne has been pushing the limits of glass with a fearless stride for the past thirty years. Inventing and reinventing this material is as important as her study of glass as an art form.

To view her work go to  or visit Keep Contemporary in downtown Santa Fe

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