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January 19th from 5:00pm – 7:30pm

If you can imagine a shape there is a good chance you can create it with the push of a button using 3d printing. Intricate patterns, useful gadgets, and cute tchotchkes are all common in 3d print modeling but your imagination is really the biggest limit. Browse Thingiverse.com to get ideas prior to attending this certification course. This month your project will be a New Years theme!

What you’ll learn:
Attendees will learn the basics about FDM printing, filaments, 3D models and everything else you need to start your first print. We will cover relevant terminology, how to load filament, how to “slice” models for printing, how to adjust and optimize settings in the slicing software, and other operational procedures for the 3D printers.

Please note:
This class does not include CAM (computer-aided modeling) instruction necessary to make custom prints. Fusion 360 is available on MAKE computers for designing 3D models from scratch, but additional research will be required. Please inquire if you are interested in a CAM class.

About the instructor:
Patrick is a woodworker, DIYer and all-around maker. He took up 3D printing after discovering that he could spontaneously create an object from nothing and have a finished product within a few hours. He has designed and sold many 3D printed products and lives by the mantra “why buy it if you can print it?”

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