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To date, MAKE Santa Fe has made cloth face masks with filter pockets, manufactured hand sanitizer and face shields, laser-cut fabric patterns for larger mask-making efforts, 3D-printed specialty components, helped to sew medical gowns and a number of other efforts related to helping Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico, and out Navajo and Puebloan neighbors.

Do you need one of the above services or a specialty innovation to help solve the distinct challenges faced by your business or organization?

Do you need to solve a problem for your employees, constituents or customers?

Maybe we can help.

Our community is a large and dedicated group of highly skilled fabricators, makers, engineers, inventors, and craftspeople with access to high-quality equipment. We are focused on manufacturing and producing products of quality and reliability while adhering to stringent safety protocols.

The cost of producing items might be waived, or be as low as covering materials. Other projects may require additional costs. Each request is considered individually.

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