Makespace Safe Practices

  1. PPE! Please wear your personal protective equipment.
  2. Choose the right tool. The right tool makes for easier making and keeps the tool from getting damaged.
  3. Don’t fix garbage. Sometimes it’s best to start from scratch. MAKE is for learning and failing. Be ok with failure the first time around.
  4. No trip wires! All cords on the ground and out of walkways.
  5. Tools do not migrate! Put your tools back where you got them from! Woodshop tools stay in the woodshop, and metal shop tools stay in the metal shop!
  6. Do not use the last of anything! The last of anything is for emergencies only! Please let staff know when something runs out.
  7. No hoarding materials! Materials in the makerspace are for EVERYONE! You may use a few of anything, but if you need more then that, bring your own.
  8. Neither a lender nor borrower be! MAKE tools may not be removed from the makerspace under any circumstances, even if you’re super cool. MAKE tools stay at MAKE.
  9. Do not switch horses mid-stream! Please keep your workspace as small as possible and as clean as possible. Many makers are making.



  • You must be trained on any tool you use in the space.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required throughout the space.
  • Ask questions if you’re not sure about a tool.
  • Keep an eye out. If you see something dangerous, please let us know.

The Space

  • Clean up! Really, clean up your mess.
  • You share the space with other makers. Respect their work and space just like they respect yours.
  • Respect opening and closing times. Start your cleanup 30min before closing.

Other Makers

  • Everyone is here to learn. Don’t discourage other makers.
  • Share tools and space. We’re makers; we like to get messy. But be respectful of others’ need for workspace and tools.
  • Be nice.
  • Don’t offer advice unless asked.
  • Speak up if the situation is unsafe.

The Tools and Equipment

  • All tools must stay in the space. Period.
  • Clean the tools after you’re done using them. Nobody wants to deal with your mess.
  • Use tools for their intended purpose.
  • Put tools back where you got them. We have a lot of tools; it’s hard to keep them organized.
  • Report damaged tools or any maintenance issues to a staffer.


  • Most of the time, bring your own materials. If you’re unsure, then bring your own.
  • There are materials in scrap and collection bins throughout the space. You’re welcome to use what you find in these places.
  • Never use the last of anything.
  • Welding wire is pre-stocked in all the welders. But if you’re working on a large project, please bring your own.


  • There is not enough room to provide storage for all members. However, if your projects require dry time or an overnight stay, talk to a staffer, and they will help arrange a space.
  • Lockers and storage bins are available to rent if you’d like to keep tools or materials at the space.
  • We have limited metal storage in the yard. Talk to staff to arrange the use of this space.


  • Let us know ahead of time if you’re expecting a delivery.
  • If you’re getting something delivered to Make, please meet the delivery. (We might not accept the delivery, and delivery drivers will not deliver when nobody is around.)
  • Please arrange help if you’re getting heavy items delivered, especially steel or lumber.