• You must be trained on any tool you use in the space.
  • Closed toed shoes are required though-out the space.
  • Ask questions if you’re not sure about a tool.
  • Keep an eye out. If you see something dangerous please let us know.

The Space

  • Clean up! Really, clean up your mess.
  • We share the space with Extraordinary Structures. Respect their work and space just like they respect ours.
  • Respect opening and closing times. Start your cleanup 30min before closing.

Other Makers

  • Everyone is here to learn. Don’t discourage other makers.
  • Share tools and space. We’re makers, we like to get messy. But be respectful of others’ need for workspace and tools.
  • Be nice.

The Tools and Equipment

  • All tools must stay in the space. Period.
  • Clean the tools after you’re done using them. Nobody wants to deal with your mess.
  • Use tools for their intended purpose.
  • Put tools back where you got them. We have a lot of tools, it’s hard to keep them organized.


  • Most of the time, bring your own materials. If you’re unsure, then bring your own.
  • There are materials in scrap and collection bins throughout the space. You’re welcome to use what you find in these places as long as you don’t use it up.
  • 3d printer filament can be purchased. But it’s best bring your own.
  • Welding wire is pre-stocked in all the welders. But if you’re working on a large project, please bring your own.


  • There is not enough room to provide storage to all members. However, if your projects requires dry time or an overnight stay, talk to a staffer and they will help arrange a space.
  • Members cannot keep tools or materials at the space. (We know it sucks.)
  • There are small lockers in the wood shop for keeping small tools like drill bits or hand tools. Talk to staff to arrange the use of them.
  • We have limited metal storage in the yard. Talk to staff to arrange the use of this space.


  • Let us know ahead of time if you’re expecting a delivery.
  • If you’re getting something delivered to Make, please be at the space before it arrives. (We might not accept the delivery.)
  • Please arrange help if you’re getting heavy items delivered, especially steel or lumber.