I've have diverse interests. It's entertaining and sometimes overwhelming. I studied economics and management. I love project management and seeing effective effort pay off. I've worked in banking and oil & gas management, but I've been a musician all my life with an obsession for audio recording. My grandfather said there was no switch I wouldn't flip or button I wouldn't push as a kid. My dream is a recording concept that brings accessibility and creative freedom back to humans in their environment. It's not a new idea. Alan Lomax was an ethnomusicologist and field recorder who said "when I went to these places and played their songs back to them, they realized they and their were just as good as anyone" His impact from going out and recording the folks' songs can't be overstated. They lived in a disconnected world and wouldn't have been heard. We live in a connected world with pressure to homogenize and info overload. But it only takes a few minutes to capture lighting in a bottle forever if you're prepared. I'm hoping that I can use the facilities at MAKE Santa Fe in order to solder my own cabling and build my own stereo microphone assemblies.