James W. Johnson

As a southwest native, James has traveled the US working for theaters, nonprofit organizations, small business and as a freelance designer, developer, and photographer.
After spending time in New York, Seattle, Colorado and North Carolina, James decided to come back to the southwest and make Santa Fe his home. He spends his time as an avid outdoorsman and enjoys Santa Fe for the easy access to hiking, camping, and nature. In his spare time, he likes to build motorcycles, eat good food, and play with his dog, Rigby (Rig-dizzle for short).

Laser cut side panels with walnut backing.
The finished chess board! Walnut and Cherry.
A simple cutting board. Used scrap from other projects.
2 d20's with gold fill inlay and a little chest to put 'em in.
The outside of the d20 box. Laser etched arcane symbols... you know, so they roll better.
Jewelry box from mahogany and cherry.
My cafe racer. Much of this was built at Make!