Maker Highlight: Tom McGee

One of the best things about a maker space is seeing the creativity and collaboration that comes from members and their various projects. As a talented painter creating inspirational images that celebrate the dance of light and life, to quote his artist statement, Tom brings both of those things to the MAKE community. 2 of the images above are works that were 3d printed and painted! 

Tom began experimenting with using 3d printing in his art as a friend of our favorite staffer, Stefan. This resulted in Tom translating 2d images into a 3d printable state to be painted upon, creating a new artistic medium. Now, he’s combining his gorgeous traditional practice with an emerging medium that literally adds depth to his work. 

In his words: “I would not be doing this without Stefan and all the tools at Make Santa Fe!!!”  We’re proud to be a part of the creative fabric in Santa Fe and thankful for people like Tom that keep our community vibrant and exciting.