Maker Highlight: Robert “Rocco” Goodluck

Rocco’s story is one of the most important stories to tell for MAKE because his path embodies precisely why our space exists. He is an easy guy to spot in the space because he’s always positive, saying hello to people and trying to learn or help anyone who he crosses paths with. 

The story of how he landed at MAKE, however, has been one of hardship and loss over many years while trying to maintain a sense of spiritual connection, storytelling, and dedication to craft in less than ideal circumstances. 

Prior to finding a place to work and volunteer, Rocco would make flutes periodically or even seasonally due to having to travel to the shop where he could create. He describes our space as being a huge asset to his creative process in that he is required to be there consistently while continuing to create. But there is more to that story. 

After a boom in sales in the early 2000’s, a lot of negative events, family loss, and hardship slowed Rocco’s creative activities. When you ask him about his flutes, it is a very impactful and spiritual conversation stemming directly from his practice. You’ll learn about it being medicine and how the routine of his craft and having a place to do work in a safe environment kept him moving forward through some dark times. 

Rocco’s advice for making is to dive in to the community. Listen and learn. Place value in verbal tradition and knowledge sharing. Art and creativity are an extension of your heart, and what could be more important than surrounding yourself with others pouring their hearts into their craft too.