Maker Highlight: Cody Steltzer

Move over Mr. Science, your protege has arrived! Our Maker Highlight for November is one of our most prolific makers yet, Cody Steltzer.

With a clear, emphatic passion for learning and teaching science, Cody has taken MAKE by storm. Certified in the wood shop, on both laser cutters, and 3d printers you can often find Cody building out new contraptions for his day job at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum or kooky personal projects just for fun.

Making has provided an outlet to clarify Cody’s thoughts which often find themselves tangled up when he tries to speak his ideas. Translating concepts from idea to tangible product is where his creative genius shines, and we’re thankful he puts his talents to use at MAKE.

Currently at the Children’s Museum Cody is working on creating Saturday Science projects for kids and developing a new water exhibit. In his words: “Within these projects, my intention is to find ways to teach kids about scientific principles by creating a fun and engaging activity that inspires further interest in various fields of science. Essentially, I love learning new things and love to talk at whoever is willing to listen.”