MAKE Santa Fe Response to SARS-COV-2

Although MAKE Santa Fe is closed to general access during the pandemic, we are putting our resources and the talents of our staff and members to work to support our community.

Our goal is to provide the most high-quality, responsibly crafted and manufactured masks, shields, and other products to ease the burden on frontline workers and help to mitigate depletion of critical PPE supplies.

Our expectation is to both acquire and receive donations of materials in order to facilitate production. We are not planning to charge for the finished products and see this as a volunteer effort. However, we are mindful of the economic stress on many makers and artists and are searching for compensatory funds.

In order to contribute to this effort, MAKE Santa Fe members–and other community members with skills and resources to offer–should begin by filling out this quick form, so we can best understand how to fit you into the response effort.

Thanks all!