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Prerequisites:  Prior to this course, participants must attend a Make Santa Fe Orientation and sign the Makerspace Agreement and Waiver. No prior experience is required.

Do you want to understand electronics? Do you know what a Volt is? What an Amp is? What Resistance is? Do you really understand it? These forces cannot be seen but they can be understood.

The principles of electricity run almost every gadget in the modern world such as your car dashboard, cellular phone and computer.

The first course is a 90 minute overview of DC and Low Voltage electronics; a summary of a 4 credit university course. Please bring your creative gadget project concepts and we will discuss how it could be addressed with electronics. This will be part lecture, part Q+A, and part hands on learning.

This is the first in a 5 part series of classes:

  1. DC and Low Voltage (Batteries, LED’s, Piezo Buzzer, etc.)
  2. Components, Sensors, and Feedback (Creating a sensor triggered circuit)
  3. Logic Circuits and Intro to Arduino (Understanding how Arduino is used and the anatomy of the Arduino microcontroller)
  4. AC Electricity and AC Signals (Challenging concepts in everything from electromagnetic flux, large-scale power generation, and interpretation of tiny little radio waves across amazing distances)
  5. Student Project Workshop. We will address the circuitry and challenges involved for your project idea. (Clap on clap off?, LED clothing?, Microphone activated lighting?)

Classes will be followed by open workshop and Q+A

This is a FREE weekly 5 part clinic.

Registration is required. Space is limited to 12 seats.

Note: Please bring notepad and thinking cap. This lecture series is free for Make Santa Fe members.

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About the Instructor:

Evan Fishbein has an AS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from UNM. Specializing in Audio Effects (5 yrs), Laboratory Instrumentation (3 yrs), Custom Lighting (4yrs), Tube Amplifiers (4yrs) and Arduino (1 yr).
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