Introducing Monthly Maker Challenges!

Introducing Monthly Maker Challenges! We designed each challenge so makers could take part and complete the challenge with Make Santa Fe tools and equipment. Our goal is to galvanize the maker community, exercise our creativity, and have a lot of fun! We’ll brainstorm ideas for how to complete the new maker challenge on the first Friday of every month!

February’s maker challenge: Make-a-Heart, Break-a-Heart.

The Goal: Create a heart-shaped object, then destroy it spectacularly.

Create an object that symbolizes love, valentines day, or the heart. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll all gather to destroy our objects spectacularly! We’ll drop them from height, squish them with the hydraulic press, drop an anvil on them, pull them apart with a winch, or smash them with a sledgehammer. Everything will be recorded in slow motion and posted online for the world to see!

Upcoming Maker Challenge Events

Upcoming Events