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      Unnerving but not unexpected that there are now cases of COVID in New Mexico.  Beyond ramping up hand sanitizer and consciousness, what suggestions to you have for keeping MAKE open and safe?

      Thanks for your thoughts.



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      I am currently working part-time as an Administrator at a local nonprofit, and we got smacked in the face with this this week.  Our ED is not a US citizen, travels frequently, and we have an installation going up in Ireland that we have been planning for for months, which will now either be called off or postponed.  People were to depart for Ireland this weekend, and all plans are up in the air.

      1)  I recommend that all bathrooms and any other area that has water have plenty of easily accessible soap and water, and we put up signs reminding people to wash their hands.  I bought some soap last Saturday, but it will need to be refilled.   Also, if able, some means of wiping down surfaces frequently, perhaps volunteers.  Soap and water seems to be the best defense, as it destabilizes the virus, destroying it.

      2) I would also put signage reminding people that the person working next to, before, or after them may be vulnerable or infected, and to please be considerate – don’t come in if feeling in any way symptomatic, or have been in contact with someone symptomatic.  Wipe down what you’ve touched when you use equipment, both before and after use.  If you have a job where you work with a large segment of the public routinely, perhaps postpone making a project until the situation is more clear.  We have quite a few members who are in the age-range which is susceptible to infection or who have chronic illnesses.

      3) This is when a member newsletter would be handy – send out a blast with these suggestions and any other policies instituted to raise member awareness.  Also ask for other suggestions.

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      I think it would be smart to send out an email to our newsletter recipients listing what we are doing in regards to keeping the Makers space in a good way during this intensity. There are lots of emails that we could follow suit with… they mostly say:

      Actions MAKE Santa Fe is taking in response to CV-19

      To our valued members and Makers

      Volunteers will be sterilizing high traffic areas with sanitizer as well as door handles and machinery.

      if there are changes to our schedules we will share information on our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

      Please email us with any questions you have.

      this is copied from Taos Brewing:

      (the recent outbreak of COVID-19 requires extra precautions in public spaces like ours. In addition to our already stringent cleaning practices, based on the recommendations from the New Mexico Department of Health, the following are some of the measures we are taking to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience:

      •  Frequent sanitizing when cleaning all surfaces in our venue facilities including bathrooms, kitchen, tables, chairs and the bar
      •  Ongoing staff training in proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques
      •  Ensuring all of our staff are healthy and able to be of service to you

      We also ask that our patrons take extra precautions regarding interactions with the artists, such as opting for elbow bumps over handshakes and respecting the wishes of those who may not want to get too close.

      If you feel sick, we ask that you please stay home to rest and recover. We would be happy to grant you a credit towards a future show of your choice once things return to normal.)

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