Farewell from your humble Newsletterer.

November marks the beginning and end of my tenure at MAKE, 2 years apart. I am leaving to join the crew at Hangtime (who prototyped in the space!) to help launch the KOALA smartphone leash as my primary adventure. However, I plan to stay involved with some interesting entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors in Santa Fe.

We’ve accomplished a lot in the community in the last couple of years. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of growing MAKE membership to over 100 members, hosting the first ever Nation of Makers Conference, building a 2600+ 3d printed piece Rosie the Riveter, 2 anniversary parties, 2 Interplanetary Festivals, building a giant orrery, 2 BizExpos, almost 3 Holiday Make & Take events, a bevy of FixIt clinics, a Maker Faire, and too many other events to list.

There isn’t a better way to see how Santa Fe actually works than being a part of the MAKE community and for that I am especially thankful. From artists to craftspeople, city and county government, locals and travelers, entrepreneurs and tinkerers, and a few weirdos too.

The true colors of The City Different showed themselves time and time again through the lens of the MAKE community. I encourage you all to lean in, make, listen, grow, and thrive with the wonderful community you’re surrounded by—and thank you for the opportunity to be a part.