Woodshop Badge

Get a broad understanding of navigating a well-equipped wood shop while learning the safety basics through practice. In this course, makers will begin with un-milled lumber and process it through various wood shop machines to get hands-on experience with a variety of tools in the shop resulting in a mini hat rack to take home with them!


Sewing Badge

Create a simple canvas drawstring tote/backpack and learn the basics of using a domestic sewing machine. Get up to speed on our Juki industrial sewing machine and cover serger basics in this introductory workshop.


Canceled Blacksmithing Power Hammer Badge

Make Santa Fe 2879 All Trades Rd, Santa Fe

Did your experience with hammer and anvil and fire fascinate you? Are you dreaming of red-hot steel? Ready to consider how a power hammer can expand your capabilities and profit margin? Let’s dive in and discover how to execute the techniques you’ve already learned safely and effectively with our Say Mak 50kg hammer.