BADGE- Wood Lathe

Make Santa Fe 2879 All Trades Rd, Santa Fe

Learn the centuries-old craft of woodturning. Initially, a craft born out of necessity, using a lathe has gained tremendous popularity as a hobby over the last 50 years. Develop an understanding of how to safely operate a lathe while building wood grain knowledge in this beginner-friendly workshop. This is a satisfying craft and one where you can create things you’ll actually use!


Intro to Bicycle Maintenance

Make Santa Fe 2879 All Trades Rd, Santa Fe

Join us for our Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance Class. Led by Echo from REANIMATOR, this course will cover the fundamental... View Article


BADGE – Metal Casting

Casting metal is a 6,000-year-old process still used in manufacturing and fine art. The founder melts metal (usually aluminum, bronze, or cast iron) in a crucible, pours it into a mold, then removes the mold material or the casting once the metal has cooled and solidified. In our classes, beginners learn the safety associated with pouring 1800 degrees of molten metal, how to pack a sand mold, and how to pour liquid metal into the mold.