Welcome to MAKE Santa Fe’s SARS-COV-2 response efforts. Here’s what we are doing:

1. Working with our members and community volunteers to produce cloth-with-filter “surgery-style” masks for organizations and service groups in need.

2. Utilizing our manufacturing equipment and facility, under rigid safety protocols, to distribute mask kits and receive finished masks, and to 3d print and laser cut faceshield components, suitable for healthcare workers and first responders.

3. Coordinating with City of Santa Fe to ensure efficient distribution of these supplies to the most urgent needs.

4. Coordinating with MEOW WOLF, FabLabHub, Santa Fe Community College, Christus St. Vincent’s, and others to ensure uniform, quality production of items that meet the needs of our frontline workers.

If you represent an organization in need of masks, GO HERE.

If you want to volunteer to help, GO HERE.

If you want to help pay for the cost of materials, GO HERE.