Beginning Metal Shop

With this badge you gain access to:

Carolina Industrial Equipment Horizontal Bandsaw
A band saw that holds your workpiece stationary while the cutting head pivots on one end and cuts into the material by gravity assist.
Drum Sander
A stationary machine with a piece of sandpaper attached to a motorized wheel capable of smoothing woods and plastics.
Bench Grinder
A two-wheeled system that can sharpen tools and equipment that have become dull, fix broken steel blades and polish and fix up small pieces of metal.
Drill Press
A machine for drilling holes in materials such as wood and metal that is set on a fixed stand. 
Chop Saws (friction / toothed)
A power tool that is used to make straight cuts in hard materials, such as sheets of metal or wood.
Handheld Bandsaw
Angle Grinder (3 heads)
Angle grinders are versatile tools that, depending on the head used, can grind, cut, sand, polish and sharpen metal.
Vice and hand clamps