It’s official–Santa Fe’s makerspace is open! Get a big discount on certification courses and classes if you sign up as a member

Tell me more…
It’s time to join MAKE Santa Fe and start accessing cutting edge equipment, professional quality tools and building a strong community of innovative artists, creative entrepreneurs and freaky fabricators.

We’re open Wednesday through Sunday 12pm-8pm.

Where are ya’ll? 
We’re neighbors with Extrodinarty Structures and Zane Fischer.

What kind of equipment is in the makerspace?
Currently we have the primary makerspace workshop open and featuring 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics and soldering equipment, textile gear, worktables, coworking stations and more. To begin with, these facilities will be available to members and day users Wednesday through Sunday each week from 12pm to 8pm. We hope to quickly expand the available hours.

But wait, the woodshop is open too! Featuring standard shop tools and a CNC router capable of cutting 4×8 foot sheet material. We’ll keep adding resources from there.

Plus our metal shop is coming soon with a 5×10 plasma cutter and welding equipment.

You can check out the general scope of tools (and the wish list of donations we’re seeking) here.

So what kind of discount do I get for signing up now?
If you sign up for a monthly membership you get a certification course for FREE!

A full access makerspace membership costs $65 per month, or by paying in advance you can pick up an annual membership for $650!


So what’s the catch?
Well, we are a fun-loving, open-minded bunch of folks, but our insurance agent is an altogether more serious individual. Many of the tools require some special expertise or knowledge to use safely and to ensure long-life of the tool. In addition, some equipment will require certification before use, which necessitates a workshop and payment for the certification course instructor. This helps to ensure a safe work space for everyone and to keep the equipment in good shape. And the good news is that another local maker will be getting paid to share knowledge and expertise!

Student and educators who become members will have orientation fees waived and will have additional discounts on some workshops and certifications. And if you already have expertise in a particular skillset, check with us–we may very well be able to waive the certification course requirement.

Sounds good, but I think I need to dip my toe in the water before I dive in.
Hey, no problem. Day use passes are available for $50 where you can get three days of fun and a certification course enabling you to full access to the tools and resources. Try before you buy…but aren’t you tempted by that free certification course?

I’m not ready to join, but I do want to help.
Awesome. We are grateful for your tax-deductible contribution.


See you soon.