A List of Inspirational Maker YouTube Channels

Amazing Makers

  • Adam Savages Tested: The godfather of making himself. Uploads one-day-build videos showcasing a variety of techniques and tools.
  • Colin Furze: The man, the myth, the legend. Large-scale projects with a twist of danger.
  • Hacksmith Industries: Megaprojects that combine engineering, pop culture, and electronics. Battlebots, mech robots, flamethrowers, etc.
  • I Like to Make Stuff: A practical maker with an eye for around-the-home projects and improvements.
  • JoelCreates: Off-the-wall weird stuff with a healthy dose of imagination.
  • Laura Kampf: All-purpose multidisciplinary making
  • Lucias Workshop: Making large things in her garage (skid steer, boats, etc)
  • Simone Giertz: Queen of shitty robots turned inventor. Made a truck out of a Tesla that she called Truckla.
  • Stuff Made Here: Where Computer Science meets Machining and CNC. Impractical and often unnecessary amazing robots.
  • William Osman: The King of garage workshop-making and an all-around weird guy. He made an x-ray machine in his garage.
  • Xyla Foxlin: Incredible engineer and champion of making as a way of life.

3D Printing

Art and Fabrication

  • Tom Sachs: Making presents as art. Champion of the plywood project.
  • Van Neistant: Projects and a way of being that champions making as a lifestyle.

Ceramics & Pottery

  • Florian Gadsby: One of the most popular ceramicists on YouTube. His videos are equal part art and education.
  • Andy Ward: An educational YouTube channel that uses found clay and traditional techniques.
  • Pottery to the People: Beginner-focused educational channel covering a wide range of processes and techniques. Amazing resource for anyone!
  • Ceramics Review Magazine: Ceramic Review is a magazine for contemporary ceramic arts and crafts that is read worldwide.
  • Hsinchuen Lin: Ceramicist who shares his process from start to finish.
  • Simon Leach: Old-school ceramic artists who share studio upkeep, hand-building, and throwing processes and techniques.

Woodworking and Carpentry


  • Alex Steele: Young blacksmith with an eye for learning new things and accomplishing large projects.
  • Max Randolph Studios: Large-scale fabricator and blacksmith. Makes incredible plan-drawings of his projects.
  • Will Stelter: Knife maker and blacksmith.

Foundry and Casting


Repair and Reuse

Science and Theory

  • Mark Rober: NASA engineer, YouTuber, educator, and all-around fantastic human with a knack for combining science with making.
  • Smarter Every Day: Explores the world of science and engineering, often demonstrating concepts with maker-y projects. His excitement for the mundane is contagious.