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Celebrate with us! This year has marked incredible growth for Make Santa Fe. Just this year alone, we've seen a 450% increase in badge class attendance, a 33% increase in membership, and a 100% increase in tool reservations. Our community is growing! This growth means we're introducing more people to digital prototyping and the industrial arts, providing workspace for more members, and members are using the makerspace more often. There is no other way to put it; this is incredible news. 


However, this expansion does come with a cost. Currently, it costs $180 per month per member to operate Make Santa Fe. Operational costs include staffing, tool maintenance, rent, repair, teacher payments, etc. Members only pay $85 per month. In other words, we need to make up a $95 difference. We do this in several ways, primarily through individual contributions from people like you. 


Once every quarter, we reach out to our extended community for help in closing this gap. Your contribution of $40 will go a long way at Make Santa Fe. It enables us to provide our members with a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility; It provides class materials for our badge class teachers; it helps us maintain staff so members always have a resource; and it enables us to establish new industrial arts and crafts workspaces at Make Santa Fe. Your donation supports our makerspace and maker community. 


Please, consider donating today. 


- James

Executive Director

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